Panna Dhai Maa Subharti Nursing College, Meerut


Program     -        Hands on Workshop    
Topic          -        Basic Life Support and Key Nursing Responsibilities in
Maintenance of Artificial Airway

Organizer   -        Panna Dhai Maa Subharti Nursing College in Collaboration
with dept. Anaesthesiology, Subharti Medical College.

Group:     -           Nursing Professional working in CSSH.
Introduction-        Updates of CPR as per American Heart association.
Teaching Methodology:- Training skill on CPR by Dr. Brig V.P. Singh HOD of Anesthesia Deptt CSSH.

  1. Return Demonstration of CPR
  2. Lecture method
  3. Video Assisted Teaching
  4. Demonstration

Date: 19/02/16,20/02/16
Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Hands on workshop Basic life Support and key Nursing Responsibilities in maintain of Artificial airway helped the participants in gaining updated Knowledge, Practical skills.
Participants shows enthusiasm in learning correct  teaching of CPR.

We are thankful for Dr V.P. Singh HOD of Anesthesia Deptt for training on help and guidance in keeping the workshop successful.