Take a Stand to Prevent Falls

Program : Awareness Program

Topic : Prevention of fall in hospital setting

Organizer : PannaDhaiMaaSubharti Nursing College, Meerut.

Occasion : Fall prevention week (21st September – 27th September 2015)

Theme : “Take a Stand to Prevent Falls”<

Group : B.Sc (N) II year, Bsc(N) III year, P.BSc (N) I year students

Session : Introduction to Importance of fall prevention,Fall risk factors, Overview and goals of Falls Program,Assessment of falls, Falls interventions

Teaching Methodology:

a) Lecture method b) Discussion

A.V. Aids:

• Power point presentation

Date: 26/09/15

Time: 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Venue: Lecturer Hall- 2, PanaDhaiMaa Subharti Nursing College.

Assessment: At the end of the session quick assessment of the student was done using a questionnaire on prevention of falls.

Conclusion: This programme has created awareness on “Falls in hospital setting” to students studying subharti University and its emphasised on prevention of Falls in hospital setting.