Panna Dhai Maa Subharti Nursing College along with the staff & students had organized an awareness programme on the eve of World Cancer day (FEB 4, 2015) by conducting a role play and knowledge awareness programme regarding Cancer in Multan Nagar urban area,Meerut, on 05 th FEB 2015.

The theme of the programme was “Not Beyond Us” .The Programme was organized by M.Sc Nursing 1st year and ANM under the supervision of Department of Community Health Nursing, Panna Dhai Maa Subharti nursing College, Meerut.

The programme was started by 10.30AM after the students have collected people by counseling. The beneficiaries of the programme were the Male and Females between 20-70 years of age. To make the awareness students conducted a role play regarding the prevention, warning signs and early detection of Cancer.

Event : Role play on cancer awareness programme in urban area.

Theme: Not Beyond Us .

Participants: ANM and M.Sc nursing students of Subharti nursing college Meerut.

Beneficiaries : Males and Females between 20-70yrs of age.

Date & Venue : 05/02/2015,Multannagar,Meerut.

The programme was co-ordinated by Mr. Kiran Kumar D, Lecturer, Subharti Nursing College and Ms. Monika yadav, Asst. Lecturer under the guidance of Ex.Capt. Mrs. Geeta Parwanda. Around 80 members from the village participated in the programme. At the end evaluation has done by questionnaire method and got a positive feedback.