NATIONAL NUTRITIONAL WEEK (01 Sept 2014 to 07 Sept 2014)

The National Nutritional week is an annual nutrition event of great importance and is observed in the country from 01 to 07 September every year. It was conceived by the food and nutrition board in the year 1982 as an annual event. The basic objective is to intensify awareness generation on the importance of nutrition for health which has an impact on development, economic growth and ultimately national development.
As part of the National Nutrition week 2014 Faculty of Nursing, Subharti Nursing College in collaboration with department of food and nutrition and hotel management has conducted rally and awareness programmes in Subharti University and also in Community area.
The purpose of the food and nutrition department and hotel management are developing the competency of mother and children. And purpose of community health nursing department is spreading the awareness regarding nutritious food for mother and children.
Nutrition rally was organized under the guidance of Mrs. Geeta Parwanda, Dr. Reeta Bakshi and Dr. Bhola. The rally started with the flagging of by Dr. shailya Raj, President, SKKB Charitable trust. The president also unfolded the theme and motivated the students with her presence.
The rally covered all the colleges and colonies inside the campus. Around 250 students participated in the rally along with staff from all the three department collaboration.
Poster exhibition and salad competition was organized on 2 September 2014. Poster exhibition was organized in Chatarpati Shivaji Subharti hospital (CSSH) and salad competition was organized in hotel Management department.
Community nutrition day started by organizing a rally in community by the student nurses. Student nurses spread the awareness regarding nutrition week through banners and collected the people for the awareness programme to the venue ‘Ramkishan house’ (Pathanpura) in the community. A role play was conducted in ‘Ramkishan house’ by the G.N.M 3rd year students. Through the role play they have discussed about the importance of the mother and child nutrition like balanced diet, antenatal diet, postnatal diet and weaning for the baby’s after six months to eight months.

The role play included the cooking demonstration where the M.Sc Nursing students prepared nutritious dishes. After the cooking demonstration cooking competition held among the females who in urban area (PathanPura). Five females participated in the cooking competition. The competition judged by Dr. Monika and Ms. Jyoti, Lecturer cum dietician. Ms. Namita Batra, Lecturer, Community Health Nursing department and Dr. Monika distributing the prizes to all participants.

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